# 1 Who are we at PeopleJob?

We offer a platform where job seekers can freely exchange information about different aspects of their current and past jobs. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work so it’s only logical that we are able to communicate with others when it comes to finding a new position. We at PeopleJob offer the opportunity for you to do so in a confidential and anonymous manner and it’s all free.

# 2 How do I register?

Registration is very quick and simple. All you have to do is provide us with your names, gender, email address, create a user name and a password. In addition, we will ask for some data for your profile such as date of birth (for age category classification purpose), country of residence, current and past positions (current one needs to be rated and described). All data are mandatory to fill, except for past positions. All of this to be a full member of the community, and to be well identified by search criteria for other members.

We’ll confirm your registration via email and you will be set to go and use all the great features that PeopleJob offers you.

# 3 Why do I need to register?

We require a registration in order to have access to Membership services. All data you provide will remain confidential.

# 4 How do I manage my profile?

Once you’ve registered, you click on ‘Sign In’ from the top of the page and then go to Settings (from the cog icon on the top of the page) to manage your private profile information. For your member profile, you can manage your data in the “my profile” page, Through the pen icon bottom right of the space with picture.

# 5 What is the Community of Joblers?

This is where our Members get together to share information about the jobs they have experience in. We collect the information based on job and industry type as well as location and size of the company. Feel free to ask any questions there related to jobs, salaries, working conditions, etc. You can also share information by answering questions asked by other Members. It’s all strictly confidential and anonymous so you can feel free to contribute by expressing your thoughts, opinions and experience. No company information will be shared, out of your private communications between Joblers, as we would like employers to remain anonymous.

# 6 How about Privacy?

We take our members privacy is paramount, as we know how sensitive any information related to employers and employment is. Therefore, the objective of our community is for Members to only share information on the Community board that is relevant to the type of position, industry, location and size of company. We can assure you that our community is anonymous and no information you submit to us as part of your profile or you share in the Community will be shared with third parties.

# 7 What if I’m an employer?

If you are an employer, you don’t have to be concerned about your company’s identity being shared on our Community board. One of our main rules is that all company information remains confidential. Our admins monitor the Community board and will suspend any information that is directly linked to named companies. You can give us any comments if you find this kind of information, by contacting us on: contact@peoplejob.com

# 8 How do I write about a job?

You are free to join the community and share your thoughts and experience about your current positions or any past jobs that you might have held. Please bear in mind that this site is genuinely aimed at providing helpful information to people who are searching for jobs. If we suspect and wrongful doing by competitors posing as employees in order to conduct a smear campaign, we will take the necessary measures to investigate and take the content down. Any Members’ accounts suspected of not being genuine will be deactivated and all content related to them suspended.

# 9 How can I delete my account?

Any Jobler has to possibility to have his account definitely deleted by sending a request to: unsuscribe@peoplejob.com

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